A Smile Brings Joy to Other People

The key to capture personality is to know the client better. I knew Teresa from the Catholic Young Adult facebook group. While I offer photography services, Teresa is passionate about helping couples in their wedding planning. She had traveled across Canada to serve others in Christ!

Basic Info

Client’s Name: Teresa J.
Description: branding photos, indoor studio, catholic business

Get to Know the Silver Arrow Package

Before we begin, I would like to introduce you to Silver Arrow. The Silver Arrow package is designed for individuals. It is flexible and you can use it for business branding, professional photos, or online dating. Inspired by St Michael prayer and Ephesians 6, the Silver Arrow expresses individuals’ personality and values through photography.


Choosing the Right Indoor Studio

Now, back to the photoshoot with Teresa. It was in mid-July when I booked the gorgeous Loft Studio by the Banyan Collector. Previously, their location was on the west side of the city, but now they are near downtown. With beautiful rustic decorations, the studio has a big window that allows a lot of sunlight to come in.


Choosing the Right Colors Matter

A little bit of color palette… I knew from Saba from Ash Styles that each of us has a seasonal color palette. There are certain colors that enhance our looks. For example, I am a Winter and I look good in brilliant jewel colors like green emerald, hot pink, and electric blue.

Teresa wore a floral blue dress, which suited her complexion. I told her, “Your dress matches your blue eyes.” But I immediately regretted what I said, because she kindly said her eyes are green! My guess is that she is a Summer who looks beautiful with soft navy, sage green, and soft khaki.


Showcasing Business Services in a Branding Photoshoot

We tried different props and poses, such as typing on a computer, hiding behind the curtains, and holding the rosary. But my favorite one was when Teresa suggested, “Let’s decorate a table to showcase my wedding planning skills.” She carefully placed glasses, dishes, some fabrics, candles, and of course, her business card.


Teresa's Values and Priorities Make a Difference

Recently, Teresa had clients from the eastern part of Canada. I admire Teresa as she stated that wedding planning is her passion; she was traveling to different cities to help brides and grooms. It was Teresa’s priority to bring joy to the clients, putting them at ease with her reliable assistance.


Griselda is such a wonderful person to work with! She is open to new ideas and sharing some of hers to get the photos you are looking for. You can tell she has a passion for photography and gets excited to share her vision with others.

Teresa J.

It is Your Time to Shine!

You’re next! Are you excited to showcase your personality? With Griselda Portraits, we would make sure you feel comfortable and look awesome. We will have much fun in this Silver Arrow coverage. Click the link below to get in touch.

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