Living the Faith

St Therese of Lisieux once said, "Everything is grace." As we journey this life on earth, we develop faith through building different relationships. We meet people who teach us useful life skills and knowledge, we find friends who share their experiences, we gather with loved ones to rejoice in the goodness of life. Through it all, God is there.

It is our vision to be your companion. We want to be there taking photos of your confirmation, preparing your marriage with engagement photos, celebrating family bonds throughout the year... At the end of the day, we believe what counts is our services to other member of the body of Christ.

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The Process

The Process

1) Let's Talk

In this opportunity, we will explore different things: your needs, Griselda's services, and prayers that you need. You can expect a 30-minute conversation and a quote from Griselda.

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Griselda is a wonderful person, a fantastic, creative and passionate photographer. My photo shoot went well. It was fun and she made me comfortable in front of the camera. She really has an eye for detail. Thank you Griselda for the awesome pictures.

Rene A.