The Beauty of Birthdays... Something to Celebrate

Early in April this year, Annie reached out to me to capture her birthday photoshoot. She has amazing ideas about the concept with balloons and a birthday cake. I did take a couple of birthday celebrations and I knew well enough how important each year is! I said yes, right away.

Basic Info

Client’s Name: Annie
Description: birthday, celebration, family

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Coordinated Golden Birthday Photoshoot

At first, Annie saw me taking pictures of Raymond and Adas wedding. She then reached out to me for a family photoshoot during fall. They had fun at Mill Creek Ravine, laughing and hugging each other. There was one moment in particular that caught my attention. I prompted everyone to look at Annie while Annie looked straight at the camera. I love it! For me, it showed how much love they had for her.

After the fun session, she inquired again for her birthday celebration. This time we planned the location; we chose Studio Haven downtown with red bricks and good natural lighting. When Annie came, she brought all the balloons, the cake, and her outfits. It amazed me to learn that she baked and decorated the cake herself!

Challenges on D-Day: Artificial Light to the Rescue!

That day, however, was quite challenging. The weather was cloudy, so I couldn’t rely on sunlight fully. Thankfully, there was indoor lighting, and I brought my flashlight. I then made sure that I used the correct aperture to get more light into the camera.

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Copper and Gold, Blended with a White Background

Annie chose the copper and gold color palette, which blended well with the setting. Her makeup and hair styling were natural, yet sophisticated. And the best part was the balloons she bought that came with gold, white, and transparent colors. And yes, I directed Annie to play with the balloons for fun!

How I Bring Joy to My Clients

The one thing I’m most happy with throughout the photoshoot is how happy Annie was. For me, it’s super important to have my clients feel comfortable. I would direct just enough to let them move freely and laugh freely. Sometimes, I dropped in jokes and fun poses to make sure they didn’t feel awkward.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of Annie’s birthday celebration. It is such a blessing to take pictures for birthday celebrations: a baby’s 1st birthday, a wedding anniversary, and a golden 50th birthday. I thank God for meeting so many people through my photography business, bringing joy through my artistic skills and genuine care.

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You’re so sweet. I kept coming back because you let me be myself and listened to my requests. You executed well and with perfection. Thank you ❤️

Annie S.

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