A Moment of Silence, to be Close to God

“I would like to ask both of you to pray in thanksgiving,” I told Nora and Logan quietly. We just finished family portraits and entered Our Lady of Perpetual Help church again. It was the special moment I wanted to give to the newlyweds as a gift.

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Client’s Name: Nora, Logan
Description: holy matrimony, spring wedding, Sherwood Park

Devotions to Holy Saints

Just a few weeks after Abigail and Cody’s wedding, I received another wedding inquiry. Excitedly, we jumped into a virtual meeting. I learned then that Nora and Logan were friends of Abigail and Cody! They reached out because of the recommendations they heard.

Nora and Logan have a special devotion to Saints Louis and Zelie Martin, parents of Saint Thérèse of Liseux. While Saint Louis was a watchmaker, Saint Zelie was a lace-maker. Both had nine children, five entered religious lives. It is always wonderful to pray for holy saints’ intercessions, to offer our mass celebrations to God.

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The Beauty of OLPH Catholic Church

On May 4th, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day. Upon entering Our Lady of Perpetual Help church, I made the sign of the cross with the holy water. The big cross was behind the centered altar, bathed with sunlight from the ceiling and circled with wooden pews. This church held a special place in my heart with its welcoming community.

wood architecture olph sherwood park

Preparations Before the Ceremony

After talking to Logan and the groomsmen, I found Nora with the bridesmaids preparing in a separate room. I quickly asked them if they would like to pray and took a photo. Around that time, I asked Father Jim about photography details. “You’re welcome to take pictures during the blessing of the sacrament,” he said. “But please keep the reverence; do not stand and move around.”

red tie black suit groom groomsmen
bride bridesmaids pray before ceremony

Full Documentation Team to Capture the Wedding

Our team was quite a bunch with me as the main photographer, a second shooter, an assistant, and two videographers. With more wedding experience, I could direct the team members to avoid miscommunication and bumping into each other. I conveyed several guidelines including, no stepping on the altar, no moving around when everybody’s kneeling, and no interruptions to the communion flow.

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altar hydrangea bride groom cross priest

Father Jim Serving Others, Imitating Christ

As the mass started, Logan entered confidently with his black suit and red tie. He was smiling, waiting for his future bride. Father Jim welcomed Nora in a white wedding dress and a cathedral veil. He willingly helped Nora arrange the veil and dress, showing much love as Jesus does to his children.

mass olph sherwood park wedding

Being Examples to Our Brothers and Sisters

Likewise, Logan helped Nora sit down after taking the Eucharist. They quietly prayed together, giving all their love to God. I’m grateful for these small and subtle moments where others can see love through the bride and groom’s actions.

reverence mass eucharist bride groom

Colourful Wedding with Red, Blue, and Yellow

Perhaps what I liked about the colour palette of the day was the intentional red colour the bride and groom had. In contrast, the bridesmaids and groomsmen were wearing blue. In addition, the sweetest flower girl, Daelynn, wore a yellow dress and a white cardigan.

bride groom kiss celebration catholic wedding

Griselda is amazing. Very caring and attentive, and very professional. She made sure to get all of the shots we wanted & was very accommodating with us on our wedding day (those can get crazy). Will be recommending her to all of our friends in need of a wedding photographer!

Nora and Logan

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