The Couple with St Thérèse's Devotion

“That’s a beautiful necklace,” I said to Abigail as she prepared her entrance. It was in fact, a necklace with a St Thérèse medal. How beautiful it is to ask intercessions from holy saints as you walk down the aisle, ready to tie the knot with your fiance!

Basic Info

Client’s Name: Abigail and Cody
Description: holy matrimony, saint devotion, winter wedding

Griselda Portraits as a Catholic Photographer

Now, back to Abigail and Cody. They first contacted me back in July 2023. My husband and I were traveling to Jasper and so, we often didn’t have an internet connection. The least I can do is to tell Abigail a thank you and that I would get back to her as soon as we are in Edmonton.

The way Brown Cloak works is that first, we have to meet together. It’s easy to manage because my booking page allows you to choose a date and time based on your availability. When I met Abigail and Cody online, they were pleased to know how Griselda Portraits is aligned with their Catholic faith.

Holy Matrimony in St Joachim Catholic Church

The couple booked the St Joachim Catholic church in downtown Edmonton. It is a French speaking parish and I was glad to be able to talk to Father Philippe. “J’apprends français, mais mon mari parle espagnol… Je mélange,” I told Father in very bad French. I learned French but I mixed it up because now I learn Spanish too!


The Mass was a Blessing for Everyone

The mass was led by Father Marc Cramer from St. Charles parish, where the young adult group C-YEG was often held. The guests smiled and laughed at Father's jokes. “There will be a time when you will argue over toothpaste,” Father Marc said. In the homily, Father Marc mentioned how Abigail and Cody were very reflective; how the readings they chose showed their faith and spiritually.

Abigail was very attentive to the details of the wedding. She wore a vintage-styled wedding dress with a long veil with her St Thérèse medal. The bouquet was blue, Cody’s tie was blue… the color palette is blue, which reminded me of Mother Mary’s mantle.

After the mass was ended, the newly wedded couple had a receiving line. Guests hugged and congratulated them, all with smiles and of course selfies! Thankfully, we got a chance to go back inside and to take some shots with the St Thérèse statue.


Family Gathering to Celebrate and Feast!

At the Rutherford House, we took some couple portraits before gathering family members for more pictures. Together with the guests, the couple said grace and they joyfully had a feast together as a family.


Oh my goodness. Not only is Griselda an amazing photographer she went above and beyond to give us the most beautiful wedding photos! So was amazing to work with and everything went so smoothly. So very blessed that we found a catholic photographer to capture our wedding day.

Abigail S.

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