Flowers at the Heart of the Family

For families and couples who are looking for a photo session, look no further! Griselda Portraits offers a package tailored for you called the Red Roses. Inspired by the beautiful flowers once mentioned by Saint Therese of Lisieux, this package celebrates familial bonds and faith built up together.

Basic Information

Client’s name: Cristina E.
Package type: Red Roses
Description: family portraits, fall foliage, candid poses

The Perfect Present for Visiting Family Members

I met Christina and her husband, Glenn at the marriage preparation course in Saint Thomas More Catholic church. They have been volunteering there for a while and they invited me to take pictures of the workshop participants, which I gladly agreed to. Both Glenn and Christina are faithful Catholics who are active in different church activities.

When I shared to Christina about my fall mini sessions, she reached out to me privately to ask a specific date for her family. Since her in-laws are visiting, Christina wanted to get some family portraits to be their keepsakes. It was a beautiful gesture and I accepted the inquiry.

The Harmony of Colors

Since it was a Thanksgiving day, we started early so the family could celebrate afterwards. The sun was shining but it was a bit chilly and hence, everybody brought jackets. Thankfully, Christina’s family wore comfortable shoes to walk around the creek. We walked cheerfully as we watched the beautiful golden and red leaves around us.

For Christina’s family, they chose a neutral color palette with some muted green, pink, orange, and deep turquoise colors. It was an excellent choice because they didn’t blend in with the trees. Instead, the results had a ‘pop’ in it!


Genuine and Candid Looks from the Family

Throughout the session, I kept my best to pay attention to Christina, Glenn, and other family members. While the first few shots are the ‘must-have’ big family pictures, the next ones are more variatives. I intentionally asked them to walk in pairs to make them more relaxed. Whenever they looked comfortable, I asked the couple to look at the surroundings and then to their husband or wife. This made us giggle and laugh.

Likewise, I especially gave a lot of encouragement to the children. I liked to ask the youngsters to dance, if not jumping or running. Together, the kids will love this prompt because they felt free to express themselves.

We Are Grateful for the International Experiences

By the end of the photo session, I got a chance to exchange stories with the family. Coming from Indonesia, I experienced some culture shocks similar to the parents and in-laws. However, it made us even more grateful for the opportunity of being in Canada.


Say Cheers to Family Legacy

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