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If you are a single Catholic looking for online dating profile pictures or a Catholic entrepreneur needing some branding portraits, consider the Silver Arrow package from Griselda Portraits. We support you with genuine photos that reflect your personality.

Basic Information

Client’s name: Sofia P.
Package type: Silver Arrow
Description: styled shoot, dance vibes, spring bloom

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This blog post showcases a spring photoshoot for your inspiration. If you haven’t already, check out the last blog post about posing. We also cover an in-depth explanation on the package in the following YouTube video.

A Spring Photoshoot in May

In spring 2022, I worked together with Sofia to produce a styled spring photoshoot in Edmonton. She is a talented model with much experience and professionalism. In this particular session, Sofia is wearing a dusty blue dress from Baltic Born with natural makeup by Hoang Artistry.


Pink Cherry Blossoms and A Dusty Blue Dress

When I arrived at the park, I was very excited. A week ago, there were no visible cherry blossoms and it was completely green. But on May 28th, the flowers are blooming! Families, friends, and couples enjoyed the warm weather as they took some selfies.

The cherry blossoms we found, also referred to as sakura flowers, are pink. Since the background was mainly pink, the dress fit perfectly. Combined together, they created a lovely harmony where one side was warm and the other was cool.

Movement and Genuine Expressions

As a photographer, my forte is genuine expressions. As such, I encouraged Sofia to move a lot. She posed with the trees, using her hands to emphasize her facial features, and even played with the fabric of the flow-y dress.

We even tried hide and seek where Sofia would hide behind a tree, peeking curiously to the camera. This brought a lot of laughter and the photoshoot was so much fun! I was glad that she felt so comfortable and therefore, she was confident to smile and pose in front of the camera.


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