Griselda Portraits' Growth

Today, I’m going to share about how Griselda Portraits grew up until today. Not all decisions I made were good, but I learned the long way to put trust in Jesus as I continue offering my photography services. Feel free to watch my YouTube video related to this topic below.

What is a Side Hustle?

Now, here’s the question. No, really. This is the question. I struggled with the definition of a side hustle although I know examples of it. The thing is many people call side hustle as an extra income source. Some even say it is not a good idea to call your passion projects as side hustle - just call it a business already!

For me, I started thinking that photography is exactly that: a way to get more money. I was happy to use my creativity and I was happier to make something extra. Yet, happiness is not something constant. In fact, happiness is subjective. You can be happy now and be sad two minutes later. You can be happy now and after scrolling other people’s content, you feel envious and stop seeing the big picture. Happiness can be misleading.

Saints and Their Joy and Holiness

One of my favorite stories is from the Servant of God Chiara Petrillo who suffered cancer, but rejected any treatment because it would have risked the life of her unborn son. During her pregnancy she lost the ability to speak and swallow and was not even able to use painkillers. Despite the pain, Chiara was always smiling.

In fact, there was a time when her husband, Enrico Petrillo, asked Chiara, "Is this yoke, this cross, really sweet, as Jesus said?" She turned to her husband and said in a weak voice: "Yes, Enrico, it is very sweet."


The Practice of Discernment is the Answer

In 2022, I decided to niche down and became a Catholic photographer. Not that I have a plan - I did think of a vague plan - but I was winging it. I was inspired by Mystical Rose Photography located in Cincinnati, Ohio. I thought it would be nice to serve through photography and to follow His teachings.

However, it didn’t immediately solve my problems. I was still anxious to make more money; I was still ambitious to achieve the so-called success. It was my husband then who taught me about discernment. In everything I do, in every decision I make, I ought to pray and ask God if it is His will.

Give Everything to God, He'll Take Care of It

Peace does not come right away to me. Even today, I still struggle to make a good decision. Yet, I know for sure, that if I keep praying and discerning I can do better. The point is not about winning over somebody, or getting the most Likes, or saving heaps of money… The point is to get closer to the Lord, to talk to Him heart to heart about our worries and our hopes. The point is to offer our work to God.

I myself had a slow, very slow, reconversion in my heart. I relearned about Catholicism and began to build a relationship with God. Some things I really like are praying the Chaplet of Seven Sorrows, Fatima Chaplet of Reparation and Adoration, and Anima Christi. Slowly but surely, I try to really trust Jesus.


By the Grace of God, I am a Gift to Others

At every moment, when I release and let go of my ambitions… God just gave me more people to serve. I was conversing with a friend when he referred me to a Catholic wedding. I was stressing about my business and decided to just give it to God when I got a wedding inquiry and a fall photo session inquiry. I was offering a free session to support a friend and I got three sign ups for my mini sessions. Really, it’s true. If it is God’s will, anything can happen.

Every single one of us is born as a gift - a gift to our parents, a gift to our friends, a gift to society, and a gift to the Church. In that sense, we ought to be grateful to God because He is willing for us to be born and to serve with love. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to pray to the Lord. Ask humbly what He wills for you.

Let's Pray Together!

Here’s a prayer I wrote. It is not an official prayer from the Church but I do hope it can help you build your relationship with God. I hope you may be blessed with peace.