How Can I Know I Made the Right Choice?

You need to discern while choosing a wedding photographer. Some of us might be practical and prioritize affordability on their list. The others might go for familiarity, where they value the relationship with the photographer. No matter what your values are, here is a guide to help you interview your photographer.


Question #1: How Deep is Your Love?

Cheesy as it sounds, you can use this time to get to know the photographer better. You might want to ask about their passion in photography, why they choose to take photos, and which photos they considered their best. This will be a fun one because you get to see the person behind the camera. He or she might like the same Netflix series as you do!

Better yet, ask how close the photographers are with the Catholic faith. If they are Catholic, you can ask their favourite saints or favourite prayers or favourite bible verses. Again, this is an opportunity to help you discern whether you find the right fit or not. It is important to be able to work with your photographer, staying away from transactional relationships.


An all round professional! Awesome personality and equally awesome shots 👌🏽

Kenneth O.

Question #2: What's the Plan?

You will definitely talk about the budget but first of all, you need to ask the photographer about the wedding timeline. They will give you some ideas on how best to schedule the day. A typical photographer’s timeline includes, getting ready, holy matrimony, family portraits, couple portraits, and reception. As the photographer explains, you can comment on your preferences.


And next, you need to ask for the pricing packages. Don’t miss the additional charges, such as travel fees, hot dinner, and tips. The photographer will illustrate how a wedding day usually goes by and this will help you gather information. Feel free to ask for other options too, such as second shooter, videographer, and other recommended vendors.


Question #3: Are We on the Same Page?

Photographers can get booked fast and so, you want to make sure you get a chance to discern and get back to them. Ask how to secure the date and the photographer will share the terms and conditions. You can definitely request a quote, a portfolio, testimonials to help you discern and pray about your decision.

Finally, it’s a good idea to ask how best to contact the photographer. Photographers have office hours and therefore, they might not be able to respond to you 24/7. However, they are always on your team and so, they would reply as soon as they can.


Ready to Dive In?

At Griselda Portraits, we offer Catholic-based photography services. We strive to bring people closer to God and to deliver romantic, natural, and creative photos to you. We refuse to be transactional and to be indifferent or disrespectful to the Catholic faith. You can click the button below to have a chat with us.