What We're Going to Learn

In this blog post, we are going to understand the reasons why one should hire a Catholic photographer and how exactly one can do that. As an overview, we will look into two main reasons: the understanding of Catholicism and their resourcefulness about Catholic events, as well as two ways to pick a Catholic photographer: knowing their profiles and portfolios and interviewing them about different questions. Finally, we go over bonus content: why the price of photography services are high and what helps to make a sound decision.


Reason #1: Understanding of Catholic Teachings

When you hire a Catholic photographer, you both will connect. The photographer will know that the altar is a sacred space. They would also ask the church first if they can use flash. They would ask you and your loved ones if you want pictures with the rosary, the bible, or holy images and statues if present. Basically, they have the same values and beliefs with you.

In preparing my own wedding, my fiancé and I took the Pre-Cana marriage preparation course. We understood better about Catholic teachings and how to prepare for the sacrament of marriage. This can be overlooked by other photographers. They would not understand the sacredness of receiving Holy Communion or the importance of couple's blessings.

Finally, a Catholic photographer would encourage you to pray and discern as well. At Griselda Portraits, we pray the Hail Mary before every photoshoot. We would be more than happy to take pictures of you and your loved ones praying together!

Reason #2: Being Relatable and Resourceful

At the core, Catholics are called to serve others who are the members of the body of Christ. In that sense, Catholic photographers would share resources to help you prepare your photoshoot. For example, many people are asking about an editable Catholic mass program. Without hesitation, I shared the Canva link.

Catholic photographers can also help singles who are considering online dating websites like CatholicMatch. For example, I tried the platform since 2015 until I met my husband and got married in 2022. Keeping faith and being steadfast on your Catholic values are key things to keep in mind. As a Catholic photographer, I can help you showing joy and friendliness through profile photoshoot.

But not only for those who are Catholics, there are also RCIA members who are waiting for their initiation. Catholic photographers can help them sharing their testimonies on how God help them in lives. We always need to be close to God and the Church community, building connections to the members of the Church body.


Trust in the Lord

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight.

In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight.

In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6

How #1: Examples of Catholic Photographers

The following are Catholic photographers serving in Edmonton, Langley, and Cincinnati. With the ease of internet, you can easily search for Catholic photographers in your area. Comparing their personalities and mission statements can help you making a decision.

Laura-Anne Smid

Laura-Anne Smid is a Catholic wedding photographer living in Langley, BC with her husband, Brandon. She’s at her best people-watching behind the camera or snuggled into the corner of a comfy couch for a deep heart-to-heart. She loves guiding Catholic couples through the highs and lows of engagement and hosts the Becoming Gold Podcast, a place for conversations about the refinement that comes with preparing for and living out marriage vows.

Stick a quarter in her and she’ll talk your ear off about the need for good marriage prep, the book she’s currently flying through, and all the dogs she saw in the neighbourhood today.

Click on the image for her website.

Griselda Portraits

Based in Edmonton, Griselda is a cradle Catholic who traveled abroad. She was 18 years old when she left Indonesia, her home country, to pursue education in the United States. After going back and working for 2 years, Griselda came to Canada to pursue a Master of Business Administration. It is here in Edmonton, Alberta where Griselda established her photography side business.

Aside of doing photography, Griselda develops #KnowTheeBetter project where she shares her testimonies of faith. Her YouTube and Instagram channel encourages people to pray. There are events, such as Divine Mercy chaplet and Marian consecration. The purpose of this project is to build a faith community, helping the broken to return to God.

Her services revolve around Catholic events, such as Christmas and Easter, Baptism and Confirmation, Engagement and Catholic weddings... Griselda would be more than happy to take pictures of your special day, understanding the presence of God in sacraments and prayers of your event day.

Click on the image for the About page.

Mystical Rose Photography

Victoria Cerise is a Catholic wedding photographer based in Cincinnati, OH! She lives in Ohio with her husband, Steven, and their two dogs (Missy and Smokey). She was born and raised Traditional Catholic and even met her husband at a Catholic young adult event. Victoria specializes in photographing Catholic weddings and couples. She loves getting a mixture of romantic and authentic photos (capturing love and laughter!) Victoria truly believes the world needs to see the beauty of Catholic marriages and knows firsthand how special they are. 

Aside from photographing weddings, Victoria also teaches high school photography for Homeschool Connections. She also offers mentorship for photographers looking to grow their businesses. 

When she isn't working, she loves to be present with her husband and be a homemaker. Her and Steven love their cozy log cabin, and spend their downtime playing card and board games together. Victoria also loves to paint and to play the ukulele! 

Click on the image for her website.

How #2: Things to Ask to Catholic Photographers

Asking questions is a way to get to know someone better. Therefore, make the questions fun! You can start by asking the catholic photographers about saints they love or their baptism and/or confirmation saints. Then, you can also ask about their favourite Catholic prayers. Photographers tend to like beautiful things, so feel free to ask about recommended Catholic churches.

Going deeper, you can ask the photographers why are they doing the photography business. Ask them what are they looking for in the long run. Some photographers may be able to share with you their vision, mission, and values... and that is perfect! It's always better to build the connection rather than seeing it only as transactional services.

Finally, you can ask detailed questions to the photographers to know what they are thinking. Now that you both are aligned, you can share to the photographers about your Marian devotion, or favourite saints, or even family traditions you want to incorporate into your photo session. Ask your photographer, is it possible to wear mantilla veil in the photoshoot? Can I wear it on the head, or just lay it down with the bible? Ask your photographer, what are your ideas about bible verses? Can we bring our Bible, lay it down, and open up the page, or do you have a chalkboard where we can write down the verse? Ask your photographer, how will you show our loving relationships? Can we look into each others' eyes and not kiss, or do you want us to hug close and tight?

Make sure to list the questions down and write the answers as well. This can be done through in-person or virtual meeting, preferably in the beginning so you get a better picture of the photographer's style.



What the Investment Covers

Nowadays, photography services are quite expensive. You might be wondering, why do you even need to pay so much when there's smartphones? Not only photographers know the art (they invest in the education and pay attention to lighting, angles, and even editing features), they also dedicate their time to this work (either part-time or full-time). But in this opportunity, consider to think of photography as a long-term investment. That's right, you're hiring a Catholic photographer to build a family legacy.

The sacrament of marriage, for example, is an important covenant between a man and a woman. It is deeper than just saying 'yes'. It is where you and your spouse, together with God, begin to build the domestic church. At such occasion, you don't want to just do and forget. You want to collect the photos, videos, mass programs, and so on. This is why the price is so high in wedding packages. At Griselda Portraits, our starting price is $2,000 that includes 4-hour coverage, including one consultation meeting with Griselda.

When you establish a trusting relationship with your Catholic photographer, that's when you can ask him/her about other services. You can ask for family portraits, Easter photos with painted eggs, and you can even ask him or her about the faith communities to join. The more you share things in common, the better the photographer can serve you.

Reviews to Help Making Your Decision

How did you hear about the Catholic photographer? Is it from the search engine or from a referral? Pay attention on how people talk about him or her. Look at Google Reviews or star ratings if any. Some photographers are good in delivering on time, some are good in the relationship building, some other are good in their affordable pricing. Make sure that the photographer you choose offer high-rated services that are aligned to your needs and values.

Below are examples of reviews given to Griselda Portraits, a Catholic photographer based in Edmonton.


Rene for Christmas

Griselda is a wonderful person, a fantastic, creative and passionate photographer. My photo shoot went well. It was fun and she made me comfortable in front of the camera. She really has an eye for detail. Thank you Griselda for the awesome pictures.


Angelica with sakura

Griselda took lovely photos of me and my young family. I have two very young kids and she did great with them. She was very easy and nice to work with - we enjoyed our time with her. She also had a quick turnaround in sending us our photos.


Helen in her dress shop

Griselda was amazing to work with! Made me and my family feel comfortable, gave me good direction on how to pose and had lots of fun ideas creative ideas during our shoot! Highly recommend.


Polina in downtown

The pictures were beautiful and captured the energy really well, Griselda is an artist and a photographer all in one.

Hiring a Catholic Photographer Helps You in The Future

In summary, hiring a Catholic photographer will help you in the long run - you can develop a family legacy. You would have the same values and could talk about faith. Specifically, you can ask about showing your Catholic practices in the photoshoot and ask for the photographer to recommend good resources to prepare your event. Consider looking at the About section of the photographer's website, ask questions around his or her values, and look into customer reviews. Make sure you also ask what the packages include.

For more information about Griselda Portraits, click on the button below. We'd be happy to assist you!